Friday, February 17, 2012

Balkans on Hold, sorry.

Hey all, sorry we have been out of touch... Balkans has been put on hold indefinitely as we focus on other projects. Frankie will still be touring and recording solo as Frankie Broyles (

and Woody is now playing in a new band called Dog Bite
( | featuring members of Washed Out, Mood Rings, and Balkans.



Valie said...

This kills me! I just became a fan about a month ago :( Would love to see yall live.

Anonymous said...

switch electricity

Aww. Cute puppy. How I wish I can grab him and take him home with me. lol

Julia Ionov said...

That pup is so cute! I want it. Lol. It's good to know that you're back. Thanks!
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cracked dock said...

so.. 4 years guys.. can we just hear another song from balkans? please?